Data & Analytics

The Mandoe CMS contains a powerful reporting function that all clients have access to. Our reporting platform allows you to gather a range of data to convert & analyse in multiple formats

Cloud Based Analytics

  • Real time analytics within cloud based CMS
  • Access anywhere, anytime through any web service
  • Reporting available at any level within the network of digital assets
  • Display analytics based on selected date and time parameters

Signage Reporting

  • Real time analytics within cloud based CMS
  • User profiling to optimise every customer visit
  • Focus your marketing efforts with tailored reporting
  • Alarming, auditing & security to ensure you are always connected

Application Reporting


Taking all the raw data and analysing the results can be difficult. We will Customise the analytics to suit your business objectives

Real Time Data

With every touch point recorded on applications, a rich range of data is collected, including Connections, time of day & return visits

Customer Engagement

It is more important than ever to create engaging experiences for customers. You can analyse how engaging your content is through data on what is consumed as well as dwell time

Coupons and Offers

One of the most powerful aspects of the Instant App® is the delivery of proximity based offers to customers. With the data gathered, you can quickly adapt and tailor your offers


With real time data, view the traffic and behaviour of users to learn what device they are using, and how they are using the app

Export Reporting

The Mandoe platform allows you to export your data in multiple formats to create custom reports and documentation for business objectives

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