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Dynamic & effective content with eye catching digital media.

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Scalable Small Business Solution

Access & update anywhere anytime

Create animated content easily

Installation & support

Huge range of images & templates

Connect With Your Customers

  • Boost your business with rich video content
  • Personalise your content, offers and marketing messages
  • Entertain, educate and retain your customers

A Modern & Simple Platform

  • Flexible content scheduling for multiple screens and locations
  • Customise to suit your content
  • Add images, text and video to your screen content
  • Range of interactive widgets – News, Social Media, Weather and more
  • Display multiple pieces of rich content

Design & Creation Tool

  • Choose a layout or create your own templates
  • Create appealing, professional videos
  • Drag and drop your content or choose from our gallery

Content Library

  • Access your Media Library with tags and preview options
  • Upload images, videos & backgrounds with multiple file formats
  • Seamlessly update menus across multiple sites

Captivate. Engage. Interact

Bring your business to life with Instant Digital Signage

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