Instant App®

The Instant App delivers the personal interaction that engages consumers with brands.

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Proximity Based Delivery

  • The ultimate in proximity based smart device communications
  • Highly customisable & interactive engagement tool
  • Provides location based marketing
  • Flexible, rich content to multiple users
  • WiFi access, no need to download native app

Unique Personalised Content

  • Games, entertainment & media content via RSS feeds
  • Self-learning & customer profiling features
  • Deliver exclusive offers specific for consumers that have accessed the free WiFi network
  • Provide wide range of rich content
  • Self learning algorithms to provide a customised experience

Data & Analytics

  • Cloud based reporting engine & dashboard
  • Measure users – new, return & total
  • Real time content review, measuring engagement volume, timing & length of interaction
  • Competition & offer redemptions

Instant App® Captivate

Instant App® Captivate is the premium version of the Application, which is fully customisable and has enhanced features and functionality, including but not limited to POS and API integration, self-learning and personalised profiling as well as dynamic schedule triggers.

Creative Services

Beautiful & Functional Design

Choose from a bespoke design and user experience or from our carefully designed, modern templates


Our in house specialist interaction designers will craft a user experience and interface that provides a seamless and engaging experience

Strategy Workshops

We will take you through the whole process with specifically targeted strategy and content marketing workshops

Build on Your Brand

Build an app that flows from your brand to optimise your assets to increase sales, engagement and brand loyalty


Our creative process will help you create a custom app that is designed to support your experiential marketing strategies


Designing and building your app is a collaborative process as we take you through the journey of building the user flow to the final working product

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